Lunch & Learn | Beyond Traditional Grading: Mastery Grading

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Tue Apr 13, 12:00 - 1:00 PM (EDT)
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Do you ever feel like students argue for points on a test, even though they don’t fully understand the material? Or like your C students don’t understand enough to be successful in a subsequent course?

Mastery grading is a form of assessment that attempts to address some of these issues. Mastery grading is a tool that gives students the opportunity to learn material deeply. There are many flavors of mastery grading, and all forms require students to complete concepts to a very high standard. On the flip side, students have multiple attempts throughout a semester to master any particular concept. This encourages students to revisit material they do not understand and rewards hard work and dedication from students. In this workshop, we will look at implementing mastery grading followed by a discussion on how to implement mastery grading in your own courses.

Jessica O'Shaugnessy

Assistant Dean for Student Success
Online - TTL Zoom Link